VRayforC4D Exterior Lighting-VideoTutorial


all textures used can be found on cgtextures.com for free ..
The Model is not copyrighted and can be downloaded from here
Download The Model


Tarek Akkad said...

Thanks dude ;)

Anonymous said...

hi there!
all sky textures you listed in your foulder are from cgtextures.com?

josef bsharah said...

yes all there ( cgtextures.com )

Anonymous said...

where to get the quick stairs plugin?

josef bsharah said...

i got it long time ago .. i might have re upload his one again .. cant find it googling

josef bsharah said...

sorry .. i just found it :)


BeZai1212 said...

thanks for the tuto

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

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