Primitive Sketch Plugin


Anonymous said...

Nice post Josef and this is a great idea/product...potentially.

Just a WARNING. My experience was not good. I purchased the resource from mediaboxstudios...paid $5....and I never received an unlock code.

I e-mailed them about their "oversight" and one week later I still have received no reply.

mediaboxstudios could be a fraud. I hope I'm wrong.

josef bsharah said...

thanks for the WARNING i well keep that in mind :)

Anonymous said...

Josef, are you using the plugin? Did you receive the code to unlock it?

josef bsharah said...

am actually using the free version of it ... :)

Carter Cross said...

Hey, I just stumbled across this post. I'm the maker of the plugin. I was wondering if you were able to get in touch with us. I respond within 24 hours of any purchases, perhaps the email address provided by paypal was incorrect. Please contact us by phone if you have any issues.

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