VRAYforC4D 1.2.6

Whats New:

1) Vray 2.0 core, code cleanup, updates: 1.2.6 is the code basis for 1.3 and 1.5. For version 1.2.6 we did a deep
code clean up and many fixes to reported things, which was a needed step due to the many changes to the c4d
core and also V-Ray core in last years.
It is the first version that features the final V-Ray 2.0 sdk core inside, which brings even more speed and
enhancements in many parts of the engine.
And also the complete rewrite of the V-Ray integration is now finished to be fully .vrscene compatible, which is
a big and important step for many future features and it finally overcomes some older limitations.

2) The main new feature is “PROXY 2”: our totally new incarnation of the proxy support and work flow. Much
easier to use, even faster and less ram, support for selection tags, perfect smoothing, support for Netrender and - last
not least - full animation!
You simple use and normal c4d instance or mograph cloner or any plugin that supports the feature “render
instance” and vray will automatically generate real V-Ray proxies of it. It does this in direct passing the data to
the V-ray core without the need of local disk files (disk I/O is slow), hereby through a special process it doesn't
take more ram as the old proxies but in fact even less. so you can scatter even more and faster.
The new Proxy 2 feature does in fact change the way one
works with in c4d and V-Ray, it combines easy of use of C4D
with the speed and power of V-ray. You can scatter now even
more and faster, just proxy any thing that repeats in a scene
now in few clicks, with an unbeaten work flow and speed.

3) Vray Fast Fur/Hair generator Engine: This new feature is
in the plugins menu of V-ray. it enables easy and fast
geometry generation of fibers, grass, fur and hair. As V-Ray
likes many polygons it can render this at unbeaten speed and
therefore integrated. In additions it can be also used to be
scattered with new proxy2 feature to generated fields of grass
p.e. Fast Fur fibers can be also animated, combed or moving
according to wind generators.
Users of C4D versions without MAXON hair therefore now
also are able to generate fur and hairs. But also for users of
Maxon hair will benefits as it is easy and fast to use and
render, perfect for grass or fur like hair. (the Vray Fast Fur is
based on Renato Tarabellas well known Fast Fur tools)

please note the fast fur tools are only in 11.5,12 and13 version due to c4d sdk limitations in 11.

4) small but beautiful: GI multiplier per object
You can now set an multiplier on per object basis to control the GI quality, simply raise or lower the GI
subdivision of IR or DMC. this can dramatically speed up and tune rendering for still and animation

5) support for perfect sphere object: perfect spheres object had been the last not supported geometry, on big user request they now also render as perfect sphere i direct in vray without conversion needed.

6) New and More GI presets, Point and shoot modes:
Just “choose and use”, this was the theme of the new 1.2.6 Gi presets.


jarvis said...

Wow..!! Cool new features...!

project-4D said...

do you think your lihigt kit for Vray ill work fine?

project-4D said...

sorry light*

josef bsharah said...

hi there .. its nice update whit the new proxy ..

ali : there will be an update next week ( VRay Studio Tools 1.0.5 basid on vray 1.2.6

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