Some Free Models - Coming soon

hi guys .. it's been some time since my last post.. anyway .. this week am sharing with you some models .. and i hope you like them .. :)


project-4D said...

great models cant wait for it!! and when is Vray lightkit ill be out??


Django said...

Nice looking models ;)
Rendered with your lightkit, right?

josef bsharah said...

thanks guys ..

ali : the light kit is coming very soon .. :)

Django: yes .. all renderd using one of vray studio tools 1.1 Studio Setups ( whit little tweaking :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice :) Cheers :D

Anonymous said...

Hi could you tell me how you get that wire frame look ?

josef bsharah said...

i used the Cel Renderer post effect and tweaked with photoshop

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