Render 2 !

Some Passes


Anonymous said...

download link? plz

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what the passes are, they dont like your typical shadow / ambient passes? Great render though!

Anonymous said...

Nice render.
The scale of the floor boards looks a bit big.
The oak boards in my flat are just over 57mm wide.

Will there be a scene file or a mini-tutorial on this one?

josef bsharah said...

thanks for the comments guys ..

@ am afraid i cant share this one

& i used the regular image passes ( specular reflecting diffuse , row reflection , gi , lighting , shadow , material ID , real color .. etc ) although they were good ..but some where burned out

@ thanks for the note .. i didn't use any references so yea .. i think you are right .. there could be multi-pass tutorial soon .. but still testing .. once am done i well post a tutorial


the current vray multi-pass system has a lot gaps an well be replaced with new one ( Maya/max like ) in the next update :)

Anonymous said...

The current vray version can not handy physical camera and multi-pass, that´s why some of your layers are burned. This is a real problem and i hope that the update will come soon. (multipass and "no physical camera" works good)

josef bsharah said...

yes .. thanks for reminding me .. i just took a look at the vray's manual ... Quote {Limitations:no color mapping on Multipass image, suggestion is render rgba with tone mapping and reproduce it on Multipass version via curve control in post. No support of physical camera, sky and sun shadow are not traced on shadow layer.}

hebilus said...

hi josef, please about green plante, have you use material wheight for transparency? or it's another thing, thank you.

josef bsharah said...

hi - hebilus - .. i used Vray 2 Sided Material with Vray advanced material in both slots

Anonymous said...

Good day Josef

How do you texture the floor? one large image or a seamless image applied to the floor cloner?


josef bsharah said...

just one image applied to a cube object

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you a lot for the share! Why not apply floor texturing to a plane object? And, how do you reproduce the light glow on the bulkhead (shown more prominently on the second sample image for SplineProfiles)? And a Happy New Year!

josef bsharah said...

there isn't anything special about the cube .. a plane would work fine as well
about your second question .. i think you mean the burned-out floor right ? .. if so .. just used reinhard color mapping and reduced the burn value

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