VRay Studio Tools Tutorial 1 - The Softbox

Hi everybody .. and today we have a tutorial about the soft box .. as you see in quick video above am using 2 soft boxes to create a studio setup .., and  without having to adjust all my vray render Setting am simply loading a render sittings preset from my tools library , am also using a physical camera to quickly adjust my exposure for both cameras  using the Setting I already defined in my first camera .
Since this is a soft box tutorial .. am going to add few notes here :
The soft box is optimized to let you easily adjust you lights and how they work and get immediate feedback both in your editor and rendering ..

You can adjust your light intensity color and the illumination source shape using the light parameters in the VRay soft box tap , then you can adjust the appearance of your light in the editor by using Editor Radios decay , and you can adjust the size and scale of your light using the Size parameters , adjust your shadows and their quality in shadows controls

And last you can Enable/Disable this light source and hide it from reflection and diffuse ... etc and I recommend leaving other parameters as they are by default , and basically Hide in render well hide the light source ( Light shape ) in rendering and double sided well make the light illuminate in both plane sides .. { NOTE : you should turn off the box in renderer in the misc parameters to see that }
And that’s  about it .. quick and easy to use soft-box

Notes : The Soft Box and the target soft-box are exactly the same .. only the target has a target assigned to it , The Custom soft box is different and well take a look at it in the next tutorial , .. also you probably noticed that cinema 4d freezes when you drag and drop a soft box , this is actually a c4d issue related to maps or textures and OGL and I still working an possible solution for that in future updates , DO Not copy and paste a soft box this..simply to get another one.. just create it again using scripts or by calling it from the tools library , you can use a free plug-in called OM Copy (Object Material Copy) and it is going to copy the object and the materials assigned to them and this works fine with the soft box
If you have any questions .. feel free to comment


Anonymous said...

Just found your site and purchased this plugin. Great work and thanks for the tutorials too! :-)



josef bsharah said...

thanks Adam for the purchase :)

Robotnik said...


I bought it and read on your site about a bug. When will the fix be published.

josef bsharah said...

very soon yes

Nonius said...


Can you give us any input on the water drop rig?



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