Soft Box Reflections Overview

If you have used the VRay Softbox tool before from vray studio tools 1.1 .. you probably wondered about the 15 custom shapes of the light source or your VRay light.

These shapes not only define the shape of your shadows , thy can also get you very interesting reflections on your objects , I used the built in 3 Lights Curve Studio Setup to do a test render for all the shapes to have an idea of the results the you can get using the custom shapes

I have only replaced the default spheres with this large orange guy so you can see the reflections clearly and also remember that you can use the Custom softbox tool to use your own HDR images as a light source .

this might has lower light power but it gives some nice shadows and a nice LED like look

here i used the gradient slider to change the shape color

one of my Favorite shapes and use it almost everytime


Anonymous said...

good stuff man, i like it!

huarache said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice Josef....

Rich_Art. ;-)

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