VRay Studio Tools 1.15 is now available - Free Update

New update for Vray studio tools 1.1 (free) is ready for download
.... here is a short list of changes
  • LWF Applied to The all three Studio Presets in the studio Presets folder
  •  fixed high/med/low Setups texture error [deleted old textures]
  •  fixed over-bright Editor sky when physical sky is on {Physical Sky}
  •  Photons / Caustics subdivisions controls added {all lights}
  •  preserve color option added {Custom Soft box}
  •  fixed flipped Custom texture problem {Custom Soft box}
  •  fixed area lights rotation [were rotated 0.001 degrees now set to 0]
  •  new Phys/Sky Presets added {Morning, Dusk..etc}
  •  Color Profile Option added ( HDRI Light C4D R12-13 )
  •  Changed user interface for the HDRI file (now you can see it with dimensions in OM )
  •  Standard Sky updated
  •  Light Shape editor preview enhanced (VRay Soft box)
  •  Render Settings updated
  •  some interface icons changed
  •  One more test object added (Teapot)
  •  Interface enhanced and updated
  •  The default area light is visible now in OM (now you can easily use the include/exclude option )
  • , it works fine with vray already )
  •  New Scripts


Jan Wesbuer said...


nice Update!

posted it on http://cinema4dnews.blogspot.com too.

Best Regards

roger said...

do u have tuts on how to used the studio tools

Anonymous said...

how long does it take you to send update emial

josef bsharah said...

1-2 Days

Anonymous said...

humm i request it 5 days ago ..and still no answer

josef bsharah said...

apologize for the delay .. haven't answered emails older than 1 and half week .. well do as soon as i can ... cheers

Anonymous said...

ok ...tnx for quick reply

Marc Schömann said...

hey josef, would be nice if you would reply my email... marc

Anonymous said...

your support is really poor joseph, you should work on it otherwise its the last time i bought something from you. marc

josef bsharah said...

hey marc , i just send you an email , please check your inbox and spam too

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